Saturday, 25 November 2017

Week 7, Term 4

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to Week 7. Our team is leading assembly this week.

We are keeping up with our regular timetable this week. Having said that, writing has been prioritised a little, over reading as we have so many authentic reasons to write and it is worth taking the time to spend a bit more time on the writing process now that we are so much older - more Year 3 than Year 2 now!!

In maths, a little later in the week, we will practice wrapping a present - the skill and the maths behind it! Could you please send a box in with your child by Wednesday? A taped up cereal box or similar would be fine.

On Monday evening, December 4th we will celebrate the end of the year and Christmas with a picnic on the school field from 6 to 7.30 pm. We will sing some carols and there may be a few other pop up items. Save the date!

Waterslide - This starts this week and we can have a turn this Thursday. Bring togs and a towel!

Next year, each class will have one or two parent representatives who will pass on messages from the PFA to their class parents and caregivers. If you think you are interested in such a role, let me know as we are beginning to compile a list on behalf of the PFA.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,


On Friday we will have a day to celebrate Troy. We should ALL (you too!!) come dressed for one of the many jobs Troy does around the school. Please keep this a secret from the children until Thursday 😉

IDEA: How about we all stitch a small soft toy to the top of our bucket hat for the day? In honour of Troy's famous Tigger hat? Just an idea!!

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