Saturday, 11 November 2017

Week 5, Term 4

Kia ora koutou,

Trip week!

On Tuesday, children will need to be at school on time with a packed morning tea and lunch. There is some walking to do through bush, which is not in any way arduous, however appropriate footwear is a must. We will all need a hat and we will carry the school sun screen. If your child is unduly affected by insect bites please send them with insect spray. Please also include a raincoat and jumper in case it's cold or there is a shower. Leave book bags at home.
(I have popped the original information letter at the bottom, for you!)

We are continuing with our persuasive writing this week and will start on bit of a Christmas/Santa theme as we build to the end of the year. We will write to Santa saying how we have reflected our ORCA values this year.

Can you please let me know, if there is anything sensitive around this festival/time of year for you and your family?  I will adjust my planning accordingly so that we all feel included in end of year activities. One of the things we are planning is a shared lunch with a face-time interview with Santa.

In maths we are going onto equal sharing/division concepts leading into a push with fractions in the coming weeks.

In reading the birds are causing a problem for a lady who would like a peaceful walk in the park (bit of a link to birds from last week.) The spelling sound we will highlight from this will be 'ear' as in 'wear'.

We will take every opportunity to practice for athletics and be finishing up our art projects, related to our native birds, from last week.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

Monday 16th October , 2017

Dear Parents and Whanau,
As part of our inquiry in Sustainability we are going to visit Kaipara Coast Plant Center (Kaukapakapa) and Sculpture on Tuesday 14th November, to learn more about how plants regenerate. We will have a presentation and bring some plants to grow back to class. Should we be successful in growing our plants on we will be able to plant them in our own native garden here at school. We will also investigate natural and recycled materials as sculptures with a view to making our own.

The cost for the trip is $18.50 per pupil. This covers the bus to Kaipara Coast Plant Center (Kaukapakapa) and Sculpture and the entry to the venue and an educational session. This cost will come out of the activity fee paid at the start of the year, however, if you have chosen to ‘pay as you go,’ you will need to pay $18.50 to the office before the day of the trip. (The students in B3 who have paid upfront for the activity fees, will need to pay a top up of $9.50 PLEASE by end of week 2)
We will require parent helpers on the day, however due to the nature of the visit we must say no preschoolers please. As these trips are usually popular with parents, the class teacher will gather all offers of help and advise you closer to the date as to whether your help is required. We are limited by cost and bus space as to how many parents we can take. All parent helpers will be responsible for a group of 4 children for the whole day and will need to travel to and from Kaipara Coast Plant Center on the bus.
Any parents who are not required as official helpers but still wish to attend are welcome to do so but will need to make their own way to Kaipara Coast Plant Center and pay for entry.
The bus will depart from school at 9.00 am and return to school at 2.45pm. All children are required to travel on the bus and will need to be at school by 8.45am at the latest.
The children will need:

  • Full school uniform including Sensible Footwear (Gumboots or Walking Shoes)
  • Drink bottle
  • A packed morning tea and lunch
  • A raincoat and jumper
  • Please leave book bags at home

If there are any medical or health issues we need to be aware of, please inform us in writing before the trip.

We look forward to a great day,


Baylee Alldridge and Nicola Le Lievre

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