Saturday, 4 November 2017

Week 4, Term 4

Kia ora Koutou,

The grand plan for this week is to have a look at the difference between Australian and New Zealand birds and use the headline only from the following article as provocation for us to write a persuasively promoting the preservation of our NZ.

We will make a (highly decorated) bird feeder for a piece of artwork.

We will study our rapidly growing garden and link with our poem this week that will tell us all about what plant needs to grow.

Our big book is a kiwi twist on the old lady who swallowed a spider. She eats native birds and bugs instead. The original version will be available for students to read independently during reading time.

We ran out of time to do justice to our statistics project so there will be a quick re-visit to halloween this week.

Athletics practice continues in PE.

Library on Thursday, as usual.

And finally, we must remember our hats at all times, even when it is cloudy. 🤠

Here are our frogs from last week and do check out our persuasive writing next to the fish tank.

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