Saturday, 14 October 2017

Welcome to Term 4

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome back!

There is a lot to up date you on so here goes....

Firstly, welcome to Willem and his family. They have just moved to Manly recently, from the hustle and bustle of the Shore. They will soon be part of the Coast village - I remember about a year after moving here, making a trip to Countdown and realising that I had recognised/greeted every single person I had seen!

We have a trip planned for Week 5, related to our Inquiry topic of 'Sustainability'. As soon as details for this are confirmed, I will let you know. It will be on Tuesday, November 14th. Please save the day, if you would like to come with us.

Staying with the Inquiry topic, we will be planting and taking care of, a small vege/flower garden, in a group. Please let me know if there are any allergy or other health issues that may be affected by this. 

As a school, while the students are actively learning and thinking about sustainability, we are using the opportunity to review how we manage the waste we produce. There will be a large reduction in the availability of bins. This is to encourage us teachers to recycle and also to encourage students to take their lunch waste home and (ultimately) have less packaging in their lunch boxes. 

In writing, we will be learning about 'persuasion'. You can see how this links to sustainability - we will be writing to persuade others to grow their own food, recycle, save trees etc. Towards Christmas, Santa may need a persuasive letter too πŸ˜‰.

Also, with a view to improving our writing and our enjoyment, we are going to write every morning in a 'Read and Respond' journal. I have always used this as a way to improve writing but only with students down to Year 3, so far.  When I reflect on B4, who are now closer to Year 3 than Year 2, we are ready to give this a shot. It involves students writing for me to read and I respond to them in writing but I do not give any direct correction of their work. I may learn something that I can directly teach in the context of a writing lesson though! We write back and forth like this.

Spelling - I have made the students a spelling book that they will use during our reading session. In the front are our words that contain the target sounds and spelling rules to practise. In the back are the Essential Spelling lists they are working on. (If words are highlighted on a list it means that your child has been tested on this list and they can spell the highlighted words.) This is the same system we had in the yellow book but those books are getting very tired now and a fresh book is motivating for us all!

The small spelling book will be kept at school in their reading box. They can go home inside their yellow book so that you may support their learning of spelling words but please send them back everyday.

Finally, this is a summer term 🌀🀠, so please make sure your child has a hat on their peg under the board. If they like to take their πŸ‘žπŸ‘žshoes off at school, could you please provide a named shoebox to sit under the peg and we will encourage shoes to be put in there during the day. Shoes are compulsory to and from school, at assembly and on school outings. Thanks for your help!

I think that's all for now!

Ka kite,


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