Saturday, 28 October 2017

Week 3, Term 4

Kia ora koutou,

This week, our big book brings out the theme of the food chain in an amusing way. We'll link this to our Inquiry topic of sustainability. This will also help us revise -ing and practice spelling the /ar/ sound.

We will be having a focus on the skills needed for multiplication and we will keep up with practising our tallying and graphing skills in statistics.

We will continue with our journals every morning. I am delighted with the children's enthusiasm. They are writing really well in these - writing to communicate in a real context. I had a lot to respond to this weekend, which I was very happy about!!

In other writing skills, we continue with trying to share an opinion in order to be persuasive. Check out our first efforts next to our t'shirt designs hanging in class.

We have started preparing for athletics with our first session on Friday. There is also the opportunity at lunchtime to play an organised game of 'Rob the Nest' with other year 1 and 2's.

There is an assembly this Friday, starting at the usual time of 2.20.

Trip update:
Thank you for all the parent support. It's wonderful that we don't have to ring-in any extras and even have back up! Thank you so much. Regarding payment, our class has no money to pay. Only the families who have chosen pay-as-you-go need to pay the full amount of $18.50. 

This is the 'get tough' week. Thanks for helping your child remember their hat each day or have them use their peg in the classroom. Please make sure their hat is clearly named.

Passion Friday:
A great start to our activities last week. The skate boarders, in particular came back glowing with excitement. I am wondering how I can inject that level of thrill into our Japanese lessons!

Mufti Day:
There will be a mufti day just for fun on Tuesday 31st. There is no obligation to come in costume - normal clothes and non-scary costumes are fine. There is no donation required.

Kind regards,


PS Some photos of our maths sorting and tallying activities from weeks 1 and 2.

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