Saturday, 9 September 2017

Week 8, Term 3

Kia ora koutou,

My apologies, I realised on Wednesday that I had completely forgotten the blog!

This week among other things for Te Wiki o te Reo, we have started learning the song, E Papa Waiari to sing while using te rakau. Maybe by Friday morning we'll have something performance worthy - I'll keep you posted with a quick email Thursday night.

In maths we are focusing on reading problems, identifying the operation we need to solve it and using basic facts to five or ten or twenty to help us solve it.

We continue to identify the parts of a story in our writing. With a strong link to our big book and reading in general.

Following on from the theme of 'kindness' in Week 6 we read a big book and poem last week with the theme of happiness spreading happiness/smiles being 'infectious'. Check out our quick Friday art work:

A day to celebrate books and reading is planned for Wednesday (see also, this week's newsletter) with various activities happening during the day. One of the events planned is a raffle - please send a photo of your child reading with their name and room number to These will be displayed on the outside of the library and there will be ten winners to choose a book prize.

Bikes are planned for Thursday, weather permitting.

Library will be afterwards as usual.

Assembly, 2.20 on Friday, is hosted by Team Shearer this week.

Further to the the Performing Arts and Cultural Festival information on the newsletter - Our Year 2's will be performing a song from our production. Participating will be optional -

We will seek your permission, as it is quite involved with the two performances on the day. The performance is scheduled in the early part of the show, so if you have seen the matinee, you will be able to take your children home after they have performed in the evening.

VLC Franks is otherwise preparing artwork to decorate the hall. 

Your children may be involved in other performances with their Passion Friday group.

Ka kite!

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