Sunday, 24 September 2017

Week 10, Term 3 - Show Week!!

Kia ora koutou,

Not only, is it the last week of term, it's a very exciting week for WGP with our inaugural Cultural and Performing Arts Show.

This will be a big focus for us all whether or not we are performing.

Tuesday - Run through in the hall for all performers
Wednesday - Full dress rehearsal; all non-performers make up the audience for this
Thursday - Matinee performance at 1 pm and evening performance at 6.30pm

Tickets: are $2/person/seat and are available in the library Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or until sold out. 

We ask that if you really have to leave early that you leave at intermission.

Please deliver your performer to the classroom no later than 6 pm. They may bring snacks and something to occupy themselves with, if they wish. However, there will be movies on and drawing things in the rooms.

Kapahaka performers meet in the main reception area

Year 2 performers (that's us) go to B1. 

After the Year 2 performance, students will be escorted to L Block to join their Peaches and Pickles Groups

Ballet: L2
Junior Choir L5

I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Tomorrow, I will be loading the students up tomorrow with their holiday reading.

For writing we will be working on descriptions of people, places, things and feelings.

We will tidy up our work from the last couple of weeks - we have been looking at reading problems, extracting the question and how our basic facts help to solve a problem - moving on from counting on. Then we will move onto a fraction review for the last couple of days.

On Tuesday, in honour of our new (leaf-cutter) bees that will be joining us at school, we will be doing a big bee project. Learning all about bees and why they are so important.

I think that's all I have for now!

Here are some photos from last week 
- some students put on a play. This was totally of their own motivation from their reading book. They recruited students for other characters and sourced props. I loved the movements round the 'stage'.

- making our cat pictures based on our Big Book for the week. Ratty Tatty Cat. Rolling all the tissue balls got the thumb and index finger doing some serious exercise! (We are using these to inspire some description writing, this week.)

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