Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 6, Term 3

Kia ora everyone!

Welcome to Week 6.

I hope you enjoyed the Cross Country. I had both hats on, being a teacher and a parent and I thought it was fantastic. The college won't know themselves, if we keep this up - a culture of happy fun-runners coming through!

In the classroom this week you can find our rocks all finished and ready for use during our silent, sustained work times. You can also see an almost-finished collection of "Three Little Pigs" stories. This will hopefully get more and more colourful as the week progresses!

This week ends in Random Acts of Kindness Day. It seems a good time to get started on an idea that has been formulating at the back of my mind for a while. We are going to make kindness bracelets. The students will nominate each other for an act of kindness they have witnessed or received. The student who was kind or helpful will choose a bead to put on an elastic that will build into a bracelet. (If you have any beads at home, that you could donate to this project, that would be wonderful!) This project will go beyond this week, until everyone has a bracelet.

Marble jars will continue as usual.

We will have a monster theme for our reading and writing (kind monsters 😉) We will make monster pictures using shapes that represent data about our family (little bit of maths). This monster will become the character in the narrative that we will write - we are learning about stories having characters, a setting and a problem with a resolution.

Spelling will focus on the 'w'/'wh' sound. I have found the revision lists from the week before....sorry there was a blooper there! They will be in the yellow books this week with the one 'qu' word from the Essential Spelling lists (quiet).

Should be a good week! The rain will stop promptly - I am an optimist!!

Take care,


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