Sunday, 13 August 2017

Term 3, Week 4

Kia ora koutou,

We won't know ourselves, with a relatively quiet week, this week.

It's Maths Week ( with a school-wide theme of learning all about estimating. We had a look at this concept on Friday in preparation. Kevin will be in to see our VLC on Monday. We have a special challenge for him to complete and we will all try to estimate his results. Each day we'll set a challenge like this and the two students closest to the correct answer go into a draw for a prize to be drawn at Friday's assembly.

Our Reading and Writing will have a theme of fairy stories. We will identify the key aspects of a narrative, practice retelling and rewriting a traditional tale for ourselves.

We'll be back to having our spelling words in the yellow books this week and the oral language (aka 'news') timetable will kick in too.

Our inquiry, looking at movement of people, continues. Look out for the frieze that we created on Friday of the view from Gulf Harbour. This will go up in the space between B3 and B4. Just as soon as Baylee and I work out how to levitate up to the intended display space...

Cross Country
Please send spare clothes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Official practice times are Monday and Wednesday directly after lunch. If Monday is cancelled we'll go out for a run ourselves on Tuesday, round the bike track.

There is the opportunity for you and your child to come in and check-in with me next week on Tuesday, August 22nd. There will be appointment times from 1.15 - 7.30 pm. Each appointment will be 12 minutes long. School will be closing that day at 12.30

Please look out for a school email with links to the booking website.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


Road Trip Photos:

Inquiry Work - rendering the view from Shakespeare:

Receiving our fruit drop from More FM:
Thanks to the person who put B4 in the draw!!

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