Sunday, 6 August 2017



There's a Sunflower in My Supper!

Wednesday at 1.45 pm
Thursday at 9.45 am

See you there!

We will have some lovely bugs and bees art work completed by the choir and band on display. Thank you to Liz and Danielle for assembling this so beautifully for us.


Kia ora everyone,

We begin the week with our road trip looking at how people originally moved to our area and how the movement of people is causing great and visible change in our area today.

We all need to bring a packed morning tea and lunch, a drink bottle and a rain coat.

B4 is on the first bus with B8. We leave at 9.30 and will be back by 2.30 pm.

We will be trying to keep up with our reading in this disrupted week.  Our big book is called "Monster's Lunch" We will do lots of thinking, talking and writing about sandwiches and their construction.

In Maths, (every other minute we can grab) we will follow up on telling the time from last week. We'll be looking at our TV guides that we made on Friday. We'll also take the time to hone our basic facts, adding and subtracting to 10 or 20.

There will be lots of follow up on our road trip on Friday.

Just to keep you informed, I will be out on Tuesday at a maths meeting, presenting a report. (Nervous!) On this day, there will be lots of rehearsing for the production.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


Here are our lego constructions from this week:

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