Monday, 31 July 2017

Term 3, Week 2

Hi everyone,

I usually write these posts Sunday evening - I regret not doing that this week. Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today!! 😔

I know that Barbara let you know about Kate. This growing up lark is tough! She is home now and fine. When I arrived at the college she looked awful and her (very, very lovely teacher) was not much better. We still have no answers but it is all being moved along quite fast so we are grateful for that.

This week in B4 is all about the Production and Cross Country practice.

The production is really taking shape now - don't miss it next week!

Last week, reading groups read twice each with me. I am expecting to be able to do about the same this week. Today, many students will have taken home their poetry folder. This is great for reading practice too. Please hang on to it until Thursday so you have something to use for reading together, if need be.

We begin our morning with as much maths as I can squash in - counting in 5's and linking to the 5 times table last week and looking at the make up of 3 digit numbers and the role of zero as a place holder because we have passed the 100 mark for our days at school.

Writing will be based on our big book. We will write about places where we like to relax (dilly-dally like Mrs O'Malley in Alligator Alley) and saying why.

Can you please send in items for the production costumes in a named bag as soon as possible?

Cross Country is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a change of clothes is recommended. 

Here is a photo that I promised our class lego builders I would include in this week's blog :-)

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


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