Monday, 12 June 2017

Week 7, Term 2

Kia ora everyone!

This week, promises a sport and PE focus in the afternoons. We continued with bouncing balls this afternoon and will go out on the bikes tomorrow. On Friday, we are going to have a sports skills rotation, first thing in the morning within our Vertical Learning Community.

We continue to look at bubbles this week and will be writing our own books with a contents. (A disguise for our writing genre of report ;-) )

Here we are discovering bubbles for ourselves last Friday -

Thanks to Thomas' mum, Danielle, last week most children are onto a second or third list of spelling words to learn. You will notice the 'ow' sound words in their book, also. These words are on the essential spelling lists, so if motivation is good, they are worth learning. This week's spelling focus is on 'ch' and its sounds. Please note, we have practice time in class so everyone is encouraged to put their yellow book in the basket, for testing.

Our Year 2 production rehearsals are going well but illness meant we missed a whole week last week. We feel it is prudent to give ourselves and the children more time to prepare something we are really proud of. There will be new performance dates announced but in the meantime, approximately Week 3 of Term 3.

Don't forget to check our lost property box - there are lots of shoes and socks in there!

Take care,


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