Thursday, 25 May 2017

Week 5 - Early Post

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I really enjoyed the Learning Celebrations. Your children did such a wonderful job of rising to the occasion. I hope you enjoyed the time too.

Just to let you know that in the front of the 'yellow book' there is now new and improved spelling to follow. The printed sheet relates to all the spelling rules (sounds) we have studied together. The handwritten list comes from the required Essential Spelling list. I have tried to add words that follow a pattern so as to add depth to the knowledge students can gain from learning spelling words.

NOTE: The FIRST hand written word is the target word from the Essential Spelling list.

I will be showing students how to learn spelling words independently and we will spend a little time a few times a week on this in class. We will be testing students once a week and I welcome keen students to pin me down before school between 8.30 and 9.00 for this also!

Please don't be overwhelmed by this. It is not compulsory. Any support you can give within the time constraints of your family and enthusiasm of your child is much appreciated.

Which words is my child supposed to learn?

Please prioritise the Essential Spelling (target) word and extend with the repetitive patterns as this will help them to recall the word.


Performance dates are: Week 10 - Tuesday 4th July 1.30PM and Wednesday 5th July 9.45AM

Rehearsals are underway!!

If you have some time available, to be involved with our production, please let me know. There are all sorts of small jobs to do!

I will update this post over the weekend, so please check back on Monday!

Kind regards,


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