Monday, 15 May 2017

Week 3, Term 2

Kia ora koutou,

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day 💮

On Friday, we combined our Inquiry concept with Mother's Day to bring you the chocolate biscuit balls. While making these for you, we noticed the physical change to the biscuits when we crushed them and the chemical changes when we melted the butter and mixed it into the dry ingredients.

We have been continuing with developing our ideas around multiplication. Students are not being asked to remember multiplication facts, rather we want them to understand the meaning of 'times'  and 'X' as a symbol. The children share their strategy for solving the problem in the group. Some students count all, some skip count in 2 or 5 and some are using repeated addition. All are good strategies at this stage. Sharing in the group allows for everyone to learn from each other.

This week, the students will begin doing some incidental equal sharing activities that will seem very easy but will lead us into the concept of division in due course.

The focus in reading, is to use our eyes to find meaning in the text. We are reading a 'favourite' page  or only one or two pages aloud together. We are spending more time discussing the text and the ultimate goal is to retell the story with detail.

I haven't reported on PE before - we have been focusing on soccer skills, controlling the ball, dribbling and passing, using the inside of the foot. Next week, we'll move onto ball rolling skills.

Next week, is the Celebration of Learning meetings. There is plenty of space if you would still like to make a time. This is about your child sharing their learning with you. You may enter and leave the classroom at any time within the 45 minute time slot.

Finally, thank you to Thomas for sharing the new addition to his family today! Barney is gorgeous. I loved his squashy legs! I couldn't have cuddles though....if I had the rest of the children wouldn't have been able to!

Till next week!

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