Saturday, 29 April 2017

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 2!

Kia ora everyone,

I hope you all had a good break over Easter.

Mrs Taylor's cats had a busy time with their cat castles! There is a lot to tell the students about them on Monday. I will include some photos here for you to see too. (Please have a look at an earlier post for photos of us constructing and presenting them.)

This term's inquiry focus is on the Material World - learning that the world is made up of 'matter' and thinking about how it changes - physical - temporary change and chemical - permanent change. Of course, this will be at our level and we'll be looking at things that we have experience with, like bubbles, popcorn, eggs, paper and water.

This science focus, lends itself to report writing so we will be learning to write up what we learn from our inquiry, in this way.

In Maths this term, the focus is on multiplication and division. If we are not up to that quite yet, then making sure that the foundation skills are in place - things like skip counting and fractions.

I have made up a timetable for oral language - aka 'news'. With a special focus for each day. Your child may require a little guidance and encouragement for this! There is a 'page' on this blog with the news timetable on it. Please scroll over to see Friday and there is a hard copy up in the classroom.

Topics are: 
Monday: Your own news, any 'news'.
Tuesday: Anything about a book you've read.
Wednesday: Newspaper or "News" news - a clipping or something about our local area or a story that has caught their notice in the news.
Thursday: Science - something factual to share or items from nature etc
Friday: A joke or poem

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Kind regards,

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