Saturday, 8 April 2017

Week 11

Kia ora koutou,

Suddenly the last week of term is here!

This week we will focus on C for collaboration from Orca.

Inspired by Yoda the local cat who visits us in B4, we will make a cat bed/toy in a small group. We will need a design and a plan and lots of cooperation. If you have any boxes, scraps of fabric or wool that you could donate for these projects, could you bring them in by Tuesday. Thank you!

Barbara Taylor, who fosters kittens and has a couple of young playful cats in her family has agreed to give our creations a test run at her house over the holidays. We will prepare some criteria and questions for feedback too.

Here is Lulu with a new toy he quite fancies:

Our big book and song will be about a cat and we will do language revision on ng and magic e. We will look at nk also as a follow on from ng.

Each week, we are doing a guided drawing using basic shapes to improve our fine motor skills and spatial ability. As the students become more successful, they also take pride in their work. So far we have done a fox, a monkey and this week, a cat, of course! It's also a great way to improve mindset. Students see that they CAN do something that seems impossible to start with. (Myself included when it comes to drawing!!)

Maths this week, will be about combining our addition facts and sequencing skills. We will use the concept of solving problems 'vertically' - posing problems based on ladders, stairs and lifts.

Last week, one of our reading groups performed a play for the first time. They did a fantastic job! I know they practised a lot at home and they also did a lot of work and learning, with Raewyn, our Learning Assistant.

We look forward to more reading groups performing plays as the year progresses.

Here are photos of "The King's Pudding":

Thanks for getting all poem folders in this week; also, all yellow books in on Thursday please.

Our final assembly for the term starts at 2.20 pm.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday break!

Kind regards,

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