Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week 10

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to Week 10!

We are have a focus on our feelings and actions this week and 'ownership' which is the O of ORCA. Last week, we linked into R for respect with our poem and story.

You can see the spelling lists in the middle of the yellow books have been updated. I have highlighted the words your child is working on. You are welcome to use the sheet any way you wish. If you look at this sample, you can see the words dated on the left were not correct at the time of testing and the words on the right were. New words were tested until the student has 5 or so words to work on - so 'when' is a new word to work on.

In maths, we are working on understanding the value of numbers and sequencing them even when the numbers are not consecutive.

This week in writing we will focus on including a compound sentence in our work.

Spelling will focus in the '-ng' sound. We will also revisit 'Magic e' as we find words to write up next to the magic e's that we made last week. This is such an important point as it is linked to understanding the long and short vowel sounds.

Our picnic in the park for Tuesday has been cancelled due to the weather. We look forward to socialising in our VLC in the near future.

Lulu bird update: I hope that Lulu bird might be able to visit in the winter when the doors are shut more often. Unfortunately, Yoda, a local cat has him in his sights. Yoda has made several reconnaissance visits since he discovered Lulu!

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